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Dasho Jan Alfonso also knowed " Dasho Jao Rinpuche"

JAOMI: First Saw (Mikay and Jao; Princess Areeyah

Dasho Jao Rinponche

Jan Alfonse Rinpoche (DASHO JAO)

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Mikay went at yangdon and meet Jao ,because there's a free ticket to go there. Mikay meet Jao because she wanted to take a picture with the beautiful yangdon and she also meet Haring Anand (Her True Father). King tell Jao that walk around (TOUR) with Mikay, so Mikay can see the beautiful of yangdon. They climb the mountains, go to the souveneir shop and so on. When they go to a museum, Mikay broke a something and Jao said that it is bad luck that she broke it. Suddenly Mikay's camera falls and hang on a tree because of Dasho jao.


Jao is the son of Ashi Behati Rinpoche. Ashi Behati wanted her son to be a 'Future Leader of Eastern Kingdom of Yangdon' because Behati promissed to her father, King Chenmo, so she attempts to kill Areeyah (MIKAY) and her mother (QUEEN ISABEL). Dasho Jao knows that his father was Dasho Kensho Rinpoche (Dasho Kensho is the biogical father of Dasho Yuan Rinpoche (GINO) and the Vice King of Yangdon and leaders of Drukpah), but his true father is Priam(Priam is a commoner and the first love of Behati. He is Jao's biogical father too) Because theres no person will lead the kingdom of yangdon, King Anand decided to choose from the dashos. Drukpa decided that Dasho Jao is the best dashos to be future king of yangdon, but Jao didn't accepted their offer to be a king. So he went to the phillipines and meet again Mikay Maghirang and Gino ( Childhood Bestfrend when Gino is still at yangdon) Jao and Gino fall in love with Mikay. Then Jao tell to Mikay that he fell at her. Suddenly, they knew that Mikay is the long-lost-princess of yangdon. So Mikay will need to leave her family and get back to her true home or her kingdom (Yangdon).Gino follow Mikay at yangdon. He went at the home of Princess. Gino do his best to be Princess' true love. But there's a rule that only dashos can. It is like a contest, you will join and you will have a task. And lucky dasho will win and marry mikay and will be future king of Yangdon. They train and train. But suddenly, Gino knew that he is son of Dasho Kensho and brother of Dasho Jao. So he joined too, the last task is to climb on a falls and jump and find under the water the medallion. And Jao winned it, but gino and jao has a promised that both of them will win they will break the rules and mikay will be free and will choose her love. So Gino fight again, he went to the party of Princess and Jao. Princess find Dasho Yuan and admitt to him that he is glad because Jao won and she said that she choose jao to marry her.

Abangan ang Part 2 nito.. Ang iba ay galing sa Pakibasa din kay Gino at Mikay hanapin niyo lang ang ginawa ko (Sharpay Cuttie) Thanks sa Pagbasa. Anyway, leave a comment.

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