Gino is a boy described to be swaggering and arrogant, and from a rich and influential family. (his mother seemed to be a counselor from Yangdon) Mikay hated his attitude whenever he teases her even almost considering him as her enemy, yet little did she know that Gino also fell in love with her, even asking her to be his girlfriend (he confessed to her many times, some are through songs) and sometimes he feels really jealous whenever she's with other guys.

He shows his love for Princess Areeyah (AKA) Mikay very openly and goes through a lot of effort to court her and protect her. He has even risked his own life multiple times just to protect her thus earning himself the title of Mikays 'Knight in Shining Armour'. 

Later during the show, it is revealed that Gino's father is actually the same as Jao's father (Dasho Kencho) leading the two boys to think that they are brothers but it is revealed that Jao's real father is Priam, from the Silangan. This proves that Gino is of Yangdon blood and his name is 'Dasho Yuan'.  

In the show's finale, Mikay chose Gino and in the very end it features both Princess Areeyah and Dasho Yuan (Gino and Mikay) overlooking the people of Yangdon and Gino saying '2 more years' as in 2 more years and he and Mikay will get married.